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    • Read some of most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Teachers and Schools. Do you still have a burning question not listed below?  Contact us.

    • For Teachers

    • Can I keep in touch with WonderLust once I’ve started teaching?

      Absolutely. We love keeping in touch with our teachers. We will make visits to your classroom in your first term. We will also see you at our regular social nights and networking events in London.

    • How can I find out more?

      WonderLust has free events once a month, throughout NZ and Australia. Email us today to get an invite! Events include:

      • The Teachers Wardrobe
      • The Teachers Workout
      • The Teachers Lunchbox
      • The Know How to Teaching and Living in the UK
      • British Curriculum Training Night
      • Win that Job! – CV Tips and Interview Techniques
    • How will I make connections and friends?

      WonderLust has teachers working all over England. Your Consultant will connect you with other teachers prior to your departure, as well as when you arrive. We host regular social nights and networking events in London, which all of our teachers are invited to.

    • Why should I choose WonderLust?

      WonderLust is a service that is by teachers, for teachers. We have all taught in the UK before, so we know what you can expect. Your Recruitment Consultant will be there to give you support and advice every step of the way. We will be there from day one through to when you are teaching in the UK. We value teachers and pay some of the highest rates available.

    • How much does WonderLust charge?

      WonderLust offers a completely free service for teachers. Simple.

    • How do I apply for my National Insurance Number?

      When you first arrive you will have to apply for a National Insurance Number. This will need to be provided to the school for tax purposes.

      To apply, you will need to call Jobcentre plus on:

      • Telephone: 0345 600 0643
      • Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5 pm.

      Jobcentre Plus may ask you to undertake an interview. You will be asked about your circumstances and why you need a National Insurance number. You will also need to bring documents to prove your identity, such as:

      • Passport/identity card
      • Residence permit
      • Birth/adoption certificate
      • Marriage/civil partnership certificate
      • Drivers licence
    • How do I find accommodation in the UK?

      We suggest you stay in a youth hostel, hotel or B&B, depending on your budget when you first arrive. Once you have recovered from jet lag you can set up appointments to view share houses, apartments or flats.

      Always keep transport in mind – it is best to find somewhere near the tube, train or bus line that is no more than 30 minutes from your school.

      Shop around and make sure you are happy with the decision you make. Consider flats you can share with another person or two, or an apartment will all inclusive rent (internet, power, heating and water rates).

      Aim to pay between £80-£120 per week.

      Some websites worth checking out:
      Easy Roommate

      Transport for London will help you plan your journey between work and your accommodation. Remember to buy an Oyster Card when you arrive to save on travel costs.

    • How do the year groups work in the UK?

      The UK System is divided into Key Stages:

      • KS1: Years 1 to 2 (5-7 years old) Year 2 children have SATS in Literacy, Numeracy and Science
      • KS2: Years 3 to 6 (7- 11 years old) Year 6 children have SATS in Literacy, Numeracy and Science
      • KS3: Years 7 to 9 (11-14 years old)
      • KS4: Years 10 to 11 (14 -16 years old) Exams are called GCSE’s
      • KS5: Years 12 to 13 (16 -18 years old) Exams are typically A Levels, AS Levels, NVQ’s or HND’s

      The GOV.UK website can provide more information on curriculum, areas of study, objectives and assessment.

    • How do I apply for my police check?

      Prior to three months before departure, teachers will need to apply for a National Police Check. Certified copies will need to be provided to WonderLust. Australian applicants can apply through the Australian Federal Police, while New Zealand applicants can apply through the Ministry of Justice.

    • How do I apply for a visa?

      Visit UK Visa and Immigration to apply, find out about visa processing times, different types of visas and immigration rules. Citizens of Australia, New Zealand and Canada can apply for a Youth Mobility Visa (Tier 5 Application). Applicants need to be under 31 years old and have proof of a minimum of funds to support themselves on. The application fee is approximately £225.00. Some applicants may also be eligible for the UK Ancestry visa or a British passport.

    • For Schools

    • What visa options do overseas trained teachers have?

      Teachers from NZ, Australia and Canada can apply for the two year Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa if they are under the age of 31. Many teachers have UK Ancestry or British passports which they can access to live and work in England.  Many schools hold work permit licences and can offer sponsorship to teachers particularly those that teach Maths and Science. Provided the school can prove they have advertised and have been unsuccessful in appointing locally we are finding more and more Primary Teachers and other Secondary Subjects being offered work permits.

    • How do the qualifications compare?

      A teacher trained in New Zealand, Australia or Canada is classified as an OTT (Overseas Trained Teacher).  Should the teacher be fully registered in their own country they can apply for their QTS and be awarded this before arriving in England. Some teachers venture to England straight after completing their University Degree and are provisionally registered.  These teachers are classified as UQ Teachers and they can work for up to 4 years without QTS. Teachers that hold UK Ancestry or a British passport often would like to know their new school can offer the ability to complete their QTS in the UK via the Assessment Only Route or through schools direct.

    • What are your fees?

      WonderLust have a set fee structure and this varies depending on how you appoint staff.    Many client schools benefit from discounted fees when they interview and appoint in Australia and New Zealand throughout the year. Request our terms of business and fee structure.

    • What type of contracts can WonderLust offer?

      WonderLust offer supply, short term, long term and permanent teachers across a wide range of locations.

      Teachers that are particularly interested in the long-term and permanent contracts in England are attracted to WonderLust. These teachers are looking to give a commitment to a school and become a part of its community quickly. It’s easy to set up a teacher on daily timesheets or on a permanent contract. We work to your requirements.

    • How do you complete your compliance checks?

      All teachers that work with WonderLust are pre-vetted and interviewed thoroughly by a member of our experienced recruitment team.  Your school will be provided with all of the necessary documents prior to a teacher starting a contract in your school (CV, verified references, visa, passport, proof of address, proof of identity, qualifications, overseas police checks and CRD/DBS).  All documents will be official and certified.

      Our registration procedure also includes medical and criminal declarations so you can be sure we have all of the necessary information to provide to you.

    • How do I get involved in overseas teacher recruitment trip?

      WonderLust work with large schools, Academy Trusts, Federations and Partnerships to recruit teachers across the schools and organisations. We book the interview weeks in Auckland, Christchurch, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney six months in advance. You will need ten or more vacancies to book a trip.

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