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Dream Team Teachers

    • Join the Dream Team

      Being a part of Point To Point’s ‘Dream Team’ is a perfect way to teach and travel the globe.

      If you are selected to become a part of our Dream Team, you will be highly regarded and our schools will value you and utilise you and your skills effectively. Spots are limited in the Dream Team, and to be a part of this group is a special achievement.

      Go over to England and develop as a teacher in a supportive environment where you will be valued and not just a number on supply agencies books!

      Give yourself some certainty with income and work and allow yourself time to adapt and transition from your home country into the English School setting without the pressure of a permanent teaching job as soon as you jump off a plane.

      What a great way to find your feet in England and to gain confidence.

    • Background

      For many years schools across England have had a huge demand for day to day supply teachers to cover sickness, training and non-contact time for full-time teachers. The pitfall for the schools is that they would normally have to call an agency and book a teacher every morning without knowing who they are going to get, how reliable or how skilled that teacher might be.

      They also have to adhere to stringent safeguarding and protection guidelines and need to know that the teachers are fully vetted and complaint before working with their children as you can imagine this can be an administrative nightmare for school leaders!

      Ultimately all school leaders would like to see their students have uninterrupted learning and continuity for all children so that the curriculum is delivered well and children feel comfortable with their teachers and vice versa.

      Based on our long-term relationships with our client schools and MAT’s we know they prefer the concept of a ‘Dream Team’ of teachers working for them exclusively on a term by term basis. The Dream Team was originally designed/created to give the continuity to our client school/s so that familiar and reliable, high calibre supply staff are in place all year round. The creation of the system was to enable our many partner schools and Trusts to have the continuity their children deserve.

      We now offer the option for our Teachers to consider being one of our chosen few and be part of a client schools Dream Team, on fixed term, long-term supply without you having to commit to a permanent role. It’s the perfect way to give our teachers the opportunity to teach, travel and experience new cultures and curriculums and still enable you to do what you love.

    • In the ‘Dream Team’ you will be provided with:

      • A term-by-term contract with your set teaching days pre-booked.
      • A weekly income without being locked into a permanent contract.
      • The ability to book accommodation close to your workplace/s.
      • A fun group of other overseas teachers working in your team.
      • A chance to build up your confidence in the UK classroom.
      • The opportunity to experience the UK Curriculum in a supportive setting.
      • The ability to book travel in the school holidays.
      • The option to try different Dream Teams and locations on a termly basis.
    • What will be expected of you:

      • Arrive at school by 8am daily.
      • Leave no early than 4pm (complete all marking before heading home).
      • Arrive on time and be dressed professionally.
      • To be flexible. There may be last minute changes to your day plan.
      • To adapt to various year levels and classes as needed.
      • To build collegial relationships and comment on classes achievements and behaviour. (leave notes for colleagues).
      • Have a good repertoire of behaviour management strategies and quickly implement these so students become familiar with your expectations and commitment to follow through.
      • Understand school policies, procedures and lead by example at all times.
      • Always represent the Point To Point ‘Dream Team’ in a positive and pro-active light (carve the way for future teachers).
      • What can you expect from us?

        Point To Point provides leading expertise in helping teachers find work with some of the best schools. As we are a service made by teachers, you can expect us to know what we are talking about, because we too have taught all over the world! You can expect us to work tirelessly with our selection of schools and teachers to make sure that you are fully supported. We understand what you’re going through and are here to help you throughout the entire process to ensure that you are comfortable and prepared for your teaching experience.

      • Our services are FREE for teachers. Simple.

        • An assessment of your CV within 12 hours of submitting your application.
        • Assistance with editing your CV and collating documents.
        • Social and networking events throughout the year.
        • Professional development events.
        • School visits from Point To Point staff.
        • Be connected to other Pointers throughout private Facebook Group Point to Point Posse.
        • Support in accommodation, opening UK bank accounts, applying for visas, getting a National Insurance Number.
      • Pay scales

        Point To Point will assess your experience against the UK Main Pay Scale. Daily rates start at £130 per day. This rate is variable depending on experience and your school’s location (Inner London, Fringes, Out London, rest of England).

        If you are a fully registered teacher in your home country you will be eligible to apply for your Qualified Teachers Status (QTS).

    • “Teachers wanting to go global should definitely go straight to Point To Point. The service has been simply flawless. I scored an interview at a “Good” rated school pretty much as soon as I contacted them. Hats off to Carly and the team! They are definitely in the know about the visa process needed for overseas teachers to gain experience in the UK. I can’t thank my consultant enough for the reassurance and support EVERY step of the way. I arrived in the UK two days ago and I already feel like I know my new colleagues like I’ve been teaching with them for years and Point To Point has already been in contact! The support continues! Still pinching myself. I can’t believe this is real. A dream come true. If the thought of teaching overseas has even crossed your mind, give Point to Point a call just for a chat. You won’t regret it!”

      Queensland, Australia