• Teaching Jobs

      Point to Point Education specialise in finding a PERFECT fit between teachers and schools. When you choose Point to Point Education, you go into your new overseas teaching job with your eyes open, and the best possible knowledge of the job you’re taking, so you are confident, happy and excited for your new teaching adventure.

    • When you secure a Full-time position with Point to Point Education, you receive:

      • A permanent job on a salary
      • Paid school holidays and sick days
      • Excellent professional development opportunities
      • Financial security
      • An experienced mentor teacher
      • More than a working holiday – a career development holiday!
    • When you opt for a Supply teaching position with Point to Point Education, you receive:

      • Flexibility
      • Opportunities communicated to you and scheduled for you
      • Directions and on-the-ground support
      • Recurring opportunities with school when you are asked back
      • The ability to start whenever you like – so you don’t have to wait for a new term

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