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Instant Assessment

    • Pre-qualify NOW for teaching jobs in the UK, Asia, Australia & New Zealand

      • Instantly assess your eligibility for a teaching role in the UK, Asia, Australia & New Zealand.
      • Interviews are held throughout 2018 in Australia, Canada, UK, Ireland, NZ and via Skype.
      • Full-time roles in Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Maths, Science and more.
      • UK headteachers travelling to New Zealand to interview candidates soon. Limited spaces.
      • This is a free service for teachers by teachers to help you have a teaching experience of a lifetime.
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    • The process from the beginning was warm and welcoming. I found all of the staff at Point to Point Education were invested in my needs and how I wished to be placed. I found them very friendly and genuine in their interest in doing what was best for me professionally.


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